Gd and cl dating 2013

Where do you shop? I love Big Bang! What was it like when you were young? What sort of books? Can you tell us one of the stories? Do you think you can make friends with anyone? And now you fly all around the world. So how did it all start? What rappers are you into? What do you do for fun? Are you in the studio at the moment? How did you become a K-pop star?

How did you start the training? What was training like? Do you still live with your band?

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  • CL spills the beans on GD!.
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What do you have to do as an idol? They have that standard image, especially with girls because boys could date somebody… ID: So the boy bands are freer?

GD spotted on another date with Kiko ~ Netizen Buzz

So five years without a boyfriend, how long do you have left? So what happens then? Everyone wants to be a pop star or a footballer. And not everyone can be? No, I believe everyone could be, they just have to pay what it takes.

Gd cl dating 2013

So… do you have any advice for the dreamers? You can count on CL sinking some ships and start sailing some other CL has been looking more stunning than usual lately. Both the Daragon and Skydragon ships need to be strapped with dynamite and blown to bits. Daragon is a million times crazier than GDCL though. Their shippers are out of their mind, it's almost like a cult. Reply Parent Thread Link. I'm loving her more and more.

I agree that she kind of sounds different here — and this one was a change for the better. One of my friends really dislikes CL, so that colors my perception of her a bit. That said, some of these answers really strike me as thoughtful and not so I don't really pay attention her offstage activities all that much, but I admire her confidence while performing.

[Pics & Slight Supporting Evidence] Do you believe GD & CL had a "some" relationship in the past?

I remain ambivalent, is what I think I'm saying. I actually like her in this interview - maybe because she spoke out about double standards with girl groups and that whole 'idol must be perfect' image. And it's amazing how the girls can be in the studio all year round but still not produce an album. I think it's really telling how she said that, about idols. That the society image is stricter for female idols, but the fans are much more obsessive and controlling for male idols. They're both a problem but it affects your life in very different ways. As one of the idols closest to me in age, I think she'd make a really cool friend.

Sandara Park - CL - Taeyang - Daesung hugging each other at GDragon concert

Edited at Throwing GD under the bus all smooth too because the immediate reaction would be, "Why is he in London with you? She was even like, "I don't think we're idols but you have to play the game. She gave him the shirt and they hung out as friends? This could be correct.

But it could be a date too. In the middle of the year G-dragon made Twitter. He followed Kiko, then Kiko followed him back. After this he also made an instagram account.

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In a recent evidence posted, a photo of Baba Nest Sri Panwa was released astounding fans of the similarity it has to the photo that G-Dragon posted earlier on his twitter account. It has been said that a random person who never knew who Big Bang is, uploaded a photo on his instagram account of the three lads, sitting on the big pillows at Sri Panwa pool under the pink skies of Phuket on Christmas Day.

He tagged his post with sripanwa, which gives away the information to the prying eyes of netizens. The back profile of the guy on the photo similarly resembled G-Dragon, as seen on this airport photo of his, and the girl on the photo resembled a lot like Miss Kiko. So what could be the cause why the fans identified the girl as Kiko?

Both GD and Kiko returned back to Seoul together the day after. It has been described that Mizuhara Kiko was wearing a KTZ dress, the day she and G-Dragon flew back to Seoul, from Phuket on the 26th of December, as seen on this photo taken by the fan:. This is the KTZ dress she wore at the airport which she also happen to model in this photo. So the third person might be Harry Kim since he also posted a photo in Phuket. Again, many people say this photo is also photoshopped and in this case i have to agree, because it looks really weird.

They really could be together that time since G-dragon and Kiko were both there. I have to say this is not a clear case. Around Christmas time, each of the members had 2 — 3 days off for themselves. Not a big thing. They both write a msg on twitter, and G-dragon went to Dolce Vita with his friends. Some say Kiko was there too, but there is no proof. Once in spring, in August but she could be there on the 18th and in December.

But many people say that Rockstar boyfriend os G-dragon. So even if it is not G-dragon.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yes, Kiko was there. You can see Kiko clearly. Few hours later it was deleted. Photo uploaded by Ben Baller. Kiko is right next to him.

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You can see her shirt. Photo uploaded by Jessica Horwell. Kiko is still next to GD. Photo uploaded by Harif Guzman. They had so much fun. Photo was deleted right after it was uploaded. Bigger version of the Instagram photo.