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I'm not saying that it always turns out fine but the chances of it are much lower then you make it sound. I don't get why all the girls are so grossed out about dating your 4th cousin.

What's a Second Cousin Once Removed?

Its such a distant relation that it really shouldn't matter. And for all of the people who think that having kids with a cousin will create crazy deformed mutants, its not true.

The reason that this myth started is that its more likely for two people who are related to have the same recessive gene for a disorder. However, genetic disorders that turn people into crazy deformed mutants are rare and if you do not have a recessive gene for the trait then you cannot give it to your kids. It is true that inbreeding over a long period of time greatly increases the risk of genetic disorders.

That's why families that have repeatedly married their first cousins and siblings over many generations are prone to genetic disorders.

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So, even if you decide to have kids with your fourth cousin, it is highly unlikely that they would turn out abnormal. And that's my genetic lecture for the day! IDK man you obviously have some reservations about it or else you wouldn't be on here asking. Personally, the idea makes my skin crawl, but if you think you'll be ok with dippin in the family lineage, that's your perogative.

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I will tell you though, I don't think I could ever look at some one in a normal way if they told me they got it on with a cousin, 3rd 4th or other wise Uh I don't even understand this 1st, 2nd, 4th and 3rd cousin crap! U should date her no matter wat Kristyp did you ever take a biology class, you know what happens when you inbreed?!

God I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Why don't we just go back to the old english days where royalty married their first and second cousins to keep the lineage strong! I did read the update, we were commenting on KristyP's response to thinking that it was ok to shack up with "any"cousin and that it doesn't matter.

Dude it doesn't matter if you want to have babies with this chick or not a cousin is still a cousin is still a cousin doesn't really matter if there's a 1st or a 4th attached in front of it. OH and btw KirstyP wrote Read the update and think again! Yeah, im having the same problem. I don't know if its okay to date my 4th cousin.

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We didn't grow up together. And we basically just started talking. Sisters are too close, you share parents. First cousins are a little too close, you share grandparents. With your fourth cousin, you share great-great-great-grandparents.

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I don't even know any of my second cousins, so I guess its possible that I've had sex with one of them! Don't do it, bro.

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Here's a bit that helps. I know my grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother and all of the children they had. So for me marrying my 2nd or 3rd cousins would be weird since that part of my mother's family is so tight knit. Same can be said about my mother's father's side going up one generation grandparents anyone outside of that I would never know I was related to outside of DNA test being that there is no connection there.

So if you know your cousins then to me your close enough for it to be weird. I don't even know how you could know your 4th cousin that is so ridiculously far back. Go ahead, I don't think anyone is going to have a problem with it. The actor Greta Scacchi encountered small-minded attitudes similar to mine when she married her first cousin Carlo Mantegazza.

He told the Sunday Times, "If you have a child with your cousin, the likelihood is there'll be a genetic problem.

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Supporters of marriage between cousins or just people who care about truth cried foul and cited findings from a panel published in the Journal of Genetic Counselling based on studies of thousands of births over 35 years showing risks of between 1. Martin Ottenheimer, an American anthropologist, has long argued against the US ban on cousin marriages. To say they shouldn't marry if they fall in love is unfair. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All.