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To do so, you simply open your autoexec file located by default you can use this guide to help you locate it. Otherwise, you can simply just set your rates through the in-game console. If you are like me and love to tinker to get the best results, then follow me down the rabbit hole. Below is a list of numbers which should help you easily find the best rate for your internet. You will notice that, in this case, the South African network is actually not bad.

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If you have a 4Mbps line then you can set your rates to the value of 3. For those on a connection of 8Mbps or higher download rate then you can simply set it to the max 6. However, for this instance, it will give you a good and useful reading. As mentioned above, avoid using the full line speed as the rate indication. Same example; if you have a 4Mbps use 3.

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CS:GO - Net_graph, Rates, Interpolation Explained ! How to setup your netcode !

Understanding The game has been updated and Valve has manually set the new default rate for everybody. The Numbers If you are like me and love to tinker to get the best results, then follow me down the rabbit hole.

CS:GO – Netsettings for competitive play

Increased default rate to which will accommodate users with internet connections of 1. Players can increase their rate setting up to to represent 6 Mbps surge bandwidth allowed, but must be aware that requesting high surge bandwidth may cause packet loss if their ISP or network hardware drops packets at a high surge rate. A Guide for CS: GO's most noobiest and elite players about setting your rates correctly to play on 64tick and tick servers.

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Simplified Chinese , English , Japanese , Russian. End of the Guide! Hi, I am Fakieqt.

In past years I use to write guides for CS: I stopped doing this for a year but my guides became very popular over the time, Now getting back into the game I have decided to start writing guides and am making this one for 'CS: Now rates depend on 1 thing is it 64tick or tick on your server? Now your rates are set and you're ready to play. Our cheats, so you want a regular cheat free, i have a list of to go,.

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