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Fans once again speculate he's dropping hints about their relationship. G-Dragon posts a photo of Phuket during the Christmas season. Shortly after, a fan writes online that she spotted the pair in Phuket and posts a blurry picture of the duo.

G-Dragon posts a drawing of him and a girl on Instagram. In the picture, he's wearing a top with the letter G, while the girl is wearing a sweater with the letter K.

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The pair are spotted dining at a Las Vegas restaurant. G-Dragon posts a photo of a woman's left foot with 'Daddy' tattooed on it.

8 Reasons Why Fans Believe G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara Are Dating

Fans comment that the woman is Mizuhara. G-Dragon starts posting unhappy and gloomy stuff on Instagram, leading fans to speculate he is going through a break-up.

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The couple then unfollow each other on social media. G-Dragon unfollows everyone else on Instagram and sets up a private account. This article was published on April 24 in The New Paper.

G-Dragon's 'Kwon Ji Yong' Might Be Dedicated To Sandara Park, Idols Possibly Dating

Get The New Paper for more stories. News has it that "Untitled ," which is one of the songs of the newly released album, was one of the most intriguing songs. The song talks about how G-Dragon longs to find and reunite again with his lost love.

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The lyrics of the song also dives in to the longing of G-Dragon to do the best of what he can to have her love back in his arms again. The song clearly shows how G-Dragon says sorry to the girl he lost, and shows how he is longing for her to return back to him once more. According to Korea Portal , many fans believe that the song might be really talking about how G-Dragon lost Sandara Park, who was rumored to be her girlfriend for quite sometime now.

With this, it might probably be that Sandara Park was the girl being talked about in "Untitled However, there are also those that speculate that G-Dragon might really be talking about another woman in her life.