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Desperation makes people do stupid things.

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This song knocks , though. I can't really watch the videos because it's just a little too cringeworthy for me. But her songs are just so addictive. Michael17 , May 7, Jeffo , May 9, Andy French , May 9, Pop Princess , Slice of Life , Jwentz and 1 other person like this.

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This whole project started out funny at first but now I mean, is this not literal blackface? Her ear and her face are two different shades?? RainOnFire , May 9, I mean this is the same woman who replaces the n word with "jigga" derived from an outdated racial slur towards black people whenever she covers songs with that word, it doesn't surprise me she'd be this stupid.

Slice of Life , AshleyKerwin , matthew. KYLE , May 9, Mr Blonde and Ferk like this. Can someone explain me a bit on her story and background? I mean I see you guys bashing her for racism and culture appropriation, but when I hear her Busta Rhymes track it makes me think this girl is actually a talented spitter.


Whats thrle issue with her? Bruno Reguffe , May 9, The quirky pop duo combined precocious theater kid mugging with American Idol -style ultra-digestible pop to the delight of people staring blankly at their computer screens the world over.

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Kuhleezi , Mr Blonde , Posh Spears and 10 others like this. But you have to dive in if you are the hot act.

Heidemann credits a lot of their success to her time spent at Berkleemusic, the online arm of the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the largest online music school in the world. The school offers classes on how to best use technologies such as YouTube, Twitter , Facebook to generate interest in their music, acquire new fans and sell their music. I enrolled in a beginner's guitar course, which became really important for me.

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I started to take more, including a marketing class. Heidemann, who joined a class taught by Mike King, Berkleemusic's director of marketing, learned the necessary steps about how to get news out about the band and leverage the Internet. They also covered songs people were looking for, so they used a lot of best practices and it really helped. Before the class, she admits she barely knew how to upload a video.

Although some of the messages were a template, we would customize them too by saying 'nice sunglasses in your picture. After the success of "Look at Me Now," Karmin worked with commercial video makers for songs "Brokenhearted" and "Hello," but the duo plans to get back to its roots soon. You have to be more creative now to go viral.