Mom dating my friend

Give it time and wait and see how it goes. Maybe this is her time to be happy and she will find love again.

Dating my son's friend.

Why are you worrying so much about your mother? She is older and more mature and knows exactly what she wants. Let her be and care more about yourself. Maybe you need to stop judging her and find a partner as well. Your mother is with a person she loves and does not care what people think about her.

What is the point of pleasing people when you are not happy?

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Your mother is too old to handle heartbreaks so protect her. That man will definitely leave her soon for some younger lady after he has got all he needs from her. Men will always be men.

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  7. I give it five months before he realises she is too old and boring after he has met a fun girl at a party. Mind more about her happiness instead of who is making her happy. It is what matters the most. Your mother is too old for him. This young man should be dating you and I am almost sure she loves him way more than he loves her. It is only a matter of time before reality checks in and he realises he is spending too much time with someone old enough to be his mother. She is giving him what he needs and he is giving her what she needs. Maybe you should focus more on happiness than what people think.

    Unless you wanted the man for yourself I do not see what the problem is. Are you saying that your mum has no rights to love? What people will say is also a very lame excuse. I know we live in a demented society but reinforcing the ideologies of what age should be with who is unacceptable. Perhaps living in another country will make you feel better but it will not take away the problem.

    At 28, you should be able to deal with this and understand that there are bigger things to worry about in life. My dear, pray about it. Please send comments and stories to womentoday newtimes. View the discussion thread. At my young sister's graduation a year ago, I invited him and he really made an impression with my family.

    Have Your Say Leave a comment. Rwanda stands in solidarity with Kenya. Fresh start as Kagame grants clemency to 16 juvenile inmates. Publishing graphic images of terror attacks is glorifying terror. UTB shift focus to Heroes Cup tourney. REB officials taken to task for sloppy accounting. If you must try with this teenager talk to your son first see how he would feel about the situation.

    Dating my son's friend. | The Imperfect Mum

    And remember it doesn't matter how mature they might seem he is still just a kid with a lot of growing up to do and life lessons to learn. End the relationship immediately, I guarantee it will ruin your relationship with your son, things like this tear families apart and there is no forgiving, you are his mother and the person he looks up to and trusts don't go dating HIS friend it is wrong on so many levels there are plenty more men out there good luck.

    I'm sorry but 19 is not a man. He's barely out of school and has little experience of the world or life. It is completely up to you as to whether you risk your relationship with your son for the remote chance of a relationship with a kid that I highly doubt will last long than a few years at the absolute maximum. Think of your son, think of your other children - this will only end badly for all involved.

    To be gentle, I personally would choose my son first which you stated. If you need to hide this, and that goes for any relationship you have, then you know it not the right thing to do regardless of his age.

    You didn't say how old you are, but if this relationship was ok can you cope knowing that you will not fit in with his friends? Your son having a social life away from you is very important to his growing up and making his way through life. In regards to you, you will be unable to give him children when he wants them for example in about 11 years time will you want him to settle down or are you ok with him partying and having younger girls trying to pick him up? These relationships can work, but it is very awkward for all involved.

    Really when you've chosen to hide it instead of being open it its heading down a dark and destructive path. If you can get some good, honest and trustworthy counsel and have a good honest talk with your son, alone it'd be good. Perhaps write out a pros and cons and really get deep into what this relationship means to you. How is it fulfilling you? How is it bringing peace into your life? How is it affecting your family and communication between each other?

    What can you offer him and what can he offer you?


    Have a talk with the fellow involved and really he deep to see what it will involve. Are you two in the same head space? Family and relationship space?

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    I hope you find a good resolution that works for you and your family. This was my question and I just wanted to say thank you for your honesty and advice. I decided to end the relationship but it is very painful. My children mean the world to me. I will deal with the loss and eventually move on.

    I feel terrible for him also as it has hurt him badly but we will remain friends. I am 33 by the way, 14yr age gap, still ok in my eyes but it's the friendship with my son that made it wrong.

    And, as was asked, I do not want any more children and though he says he is fine with that I think he will someday. So thanks again my fellow Imperfect Mums, it's nice to have people to ask for advice at times like this. By using this site you agree to our terms. Friday, 6 June - Saturday, 7 June - Monday, 9 June -