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He was selected among many others as he was confident about his abilities and skills. He has also released various training workout videos. His father left at a very young age and his mother was more hung up on their father than taking care of her children. Dolvett, his brother and sister were left to look after themselves which caught the attention of the child care services. They were then placed in a foster home. The siblings thought themselves lucky when a Jamaican couple came along and asked to adopt all three together. They were a family again. However, they did not picture themselves being raised by parents whose methods involved physical punishment.

Despite having a rough childhood, he was able to get past it. The family moved to Florida where the siblings continued their schooling. He credits his difficult childhood for being able to understand his clients better. Dolvett has been linked to Sydney based singer Tamara Jaber. He also has a son, Isiah Quince. He manages to support his son in every way and serve as a great fatherly figure and role model.

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Follow Dolvett Quince On: Like Us On Facebook. The contestants finally go to singles. It is announced that at the end of the season, there will be a Biggest Loser Triathlon with the winner getting an automatic place in the finale. Rachel won the "Ring of Fire" endurance challenge and earned a one-pound advantage at the weigh-in. In a season first, it is announced that two contestants will fall below the red line and be eliminated. At the weigh-in, Rachel weighed in first, but in the end, does not need the one-pound advantage to avoid elimination.

Hap and Matt each lost five pounds and were eliminated for having the lowest percentage weight loss of the week. At the end of the weigh-in, the trainers were dismissed and it was announced that in the spirit of the season's Second Chance theme, tonight's eliminated contestants, along with all the other eliminated contestants, will return to the Ranch to compete for a chance to get back in the game.

First aired January 7, Note: This marks the return of the Two Hour Format. The episode began with all of the eliminated contestants returning to try and get a second chance back on the ranch. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss would return.

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The contestant ended up being Bobby. He returned to the ranch as Team Aqua. For elimination this week there will be a yellow line this week for the first time this season where two contestants with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below it and be up for elimination. For this week's challenge the contestants must bring up ten dumbbells and place it on a rack.

There is also a gold dumbbell that adds 5 dumbbells to their score. Marie eventually found the golden dumbbell, but Jay edged out Rachel and Marie to win the challenge and equipment. Tanya came in last and received the one-pound disadvantage. During the workouts Marie had a breakthrough with Jillian. Jay had a hard time with his workouts. And all of the contestants did average workouts of their own.

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When it came down to the weigh-in, both Tanya with the one-pound disadvantage and Tumi fell below the yellow line and was up for elimination. It came down to the elimination; it was an unanimous decision to vote off Tumi over Tanya.

They met 8-time Olympic champion, Apolo Ohno, who got to work out with the contestants in the Olympic gym. Chelsea was on the verge of winning her first challenge, but suddenly, out of nowhere, Rachel came from behind, and knocked two of her curls simultaneously into the red circle to win the challenge. Meanwhile, Bob talked to Bobby about his eating and so the next day, Bob went to the store and bought food for breakfast. The next day, the contestants met bobsledding champion, Lolo Jones.

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They also faced their next challenge, which was to run a 4-mile bobsled course. Back at the gym, Jennifer was still afraid of jumping on the box and Jillian tried to help Jennifer conquer her fear. Eventually, Jennifer successfully conquered her fears and jumped on the box. At the weigh-in, the players put up really low numbers. Rachel lost 6 pounds 7 with her one-pound advantage.

Marie managed to lose 5, David lost 4, Chelsea lost 3, Tanya lost 2, and Jennifer lost no weight. Jay and Bobby fell below the yellow line and Alison told Jay and Bobby to state their cases to help the remaining contestants vote. Ultimately, Jay received the most votes and was leaving Utah and the Biggest Loser. It's one of the most eagerly-anticipated episodes of "The Biggest Loser" season—the makeover episode!

The fun began with fashion expert Tim Gunn, who worked his magic helping the contestants select stylish new outfits to flatter their new slimmer selves. Afterwards, celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, whose clients have included Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Lady Ga Ga and Eva Longoria, crafted incredible new looks for each of the remaining seven contestants, leading to amazing and dramatic transformations. Then they are whisked away to enjoy a special night out and heartwarming, emotional reunions with loved ones who have flown in to celebrate their big day.

Later, it's back to reality and the ranch, where two players would fall under the red line at the weigh-in and bee eliminated, revealing the final five contestants of the season. Marie and Tanya fell below the red line and were eliminated, leaving Rachel, David, Bobby, Chelsea, and Jennifer as the final five. They're also going to compete in the Biggest Loser Triathlon in the next episode. The stakes were higher than ever when the five final players competed in a "Biggest Loser" first—a sprint triathlon, which required them to swim - a half mile, bike 12 miles and run three miles.

The triathlon winner will secure a coveted spot as a finalist, as well as a brand new Ford Fusion. After the triathlon, it was an emotional trip down memory lane as the contestants watched footage of their journeys with their trainers, and saw firsthand how far they had all come since arriving on the ranch. Jennifer and Chelsea fell below the red line and were eliminated, leaving Rachel, Bobby, and David as the three finalists. First aired February 4, [4]. All fifteen contestants reunited and weighed in for one last time in front of a live studio audience.

Hap was the only contestant that gained weight since leaving the ranch; he gained six pounds. The record for the largest percentage lost by the At-Home contestants was broken by Tumi with Then, Ruben Studdard performed one of his songs in his new album "Unconditional Love" while the three finalists changed into their weigh-in clothes.

Another record was broken for the largest percentage of weight loss by any contestant in the whole series. The crowned winner, Rachel, lost David also won the fan favorite award this season. Upon the finale's airing, many commentators gave worrying reactions to the substantial amount of weight Rachel lost prior to winning.

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Obviously, I thought she had lost too much weight. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During Week 4, Jillian gave some supplements to the White Team, without doctors' permission. So, in the following weigh-in, Alison revealed the last weigh-in had been invalid, and so the Blue Team would, once again, be immune, and Ruben, the contestant eliminated in Week 4, would be brought back.

And also because of that fact, Jillian's team would receive a 4 pounds disadvantage 1 pound for each member of the team. Week 5 was a two-week weigh-in, resulting in exceptionally higher numbers for this weigh-in. Rachel is the first person in Biggest Loser history Worldwide to be underweight at the finale.

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Notes Rachel's 4 pound weight loss in week 10 was displayed as -5 due to her 1-pound advantage from the challenge. Tanya's 3 pound weight loss in week 11 was displayed as -2 due to her 1-pound disadvantage from the challenge. Rachel's 6 pound weight loss in week 12 was displayed as -7 due to her 1-pound advantage from the challenge. Bobby's 8 pound weight loss in week 13 was displayed as -6 due to the weight he gained last week. Retrieved 5 February Retrieved 6 April TV by the Numbers. Retrieved October 16, Retrieved October 23, Retrieved November 4, Retrieved November 7, Retrieved November 15, Real Or Magic' Adjusted Up".

Retrieved November 20, Retrieved November 29, Retrieved December 4, Retrieved December 11, Retrieved December 18, Retrieved January 8, Retrieved January 15, Retrieved January 23, Retrieved January 29, The Biggest Loser United States. Pay It Forward Battle of the Ages Second Chances 2 Retrieved from " https: The Biggest Loser American television seasons American television seasons. Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter.

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