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Ben R , Aug 30, Aug 30, 3. You'd probably get the best help for these over at bossgtcentral.

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Aug 30, 4. I wrote up an article on my site a while back covering some programming tricks for the GT Looks like I'm having some hosting issues again dang you GoDaddy! Will Chen , Aug 30, Aug 30, 5. Sell it and buy somethng else. Aug 30, 6. Hading and Will Chen - thanks for the constructive suggestions. I forgot about the forum!! That said, I'm not ready or willing to run out and buy another unit right now. Although, while I was doing a lot of listening to Lincoln Brewster a couple of years ago, I became enamored with the fact that he used a Line6 XT Live and ran direct.

I thought he got a great sound. What do you think of these units? Aug 30, 7.

A guitar effects pedal powerful but complex

Aug 31, 8. He has posted here and on the boss gt central and if I remember correctly his user name is gr Geiri , Aug 31, Aug 31, 9. The GT is great for effects and it is very flexible with regard to signal routing.

Hooking up Boss GT-10 to power speakers??

I do not care for the preamp modeling, though, and certainly that is a common opinion. I have heard the cab emulations themselves aren't bad, but the preamp tones are poor, but my experience is that neither are very good compared to the competition Digitech RP, Pod HD series, etc.

I play a lot at church and have a DI-only rig featuring the GT Nice thing about the Character pedals is that they aren't digital and can handle a wide dynamic range of input. When they clip, it's in a very pleasing, analog way, and if you manage gain properly they have a relatively low noise floor. I take advantage of this by setting the Liverpool for a medium drive tone perfect for my main rhythm sound, then program the GT with "clean" patches that send a very low output to the Liverpool, average gain for the rhythm sounds, and hot, treble-boosted signals to achieve lead tones.

Now the Liverpool is not as "accurate" per se as full-on digital modeling can be. It's not like you'll think you hear the actual wood, cloth, or tubes of a real amp.

Boss GT 10 as a 4 wire hookup to the Kemper? - Introduce yourself - Kemper Profiler Forum

I wondered why, but at the same time I was aware of the complexity of this device, and was quite sure that a couple of hours are not enough to master it. Anyway I decided to purchase one, thinking that it would have been an improvement to my setup and that spending some time to understand better how to use it would have brought better results. Once I had my own BOSS GT Guitar Effects Pedal I started to dedicate time to understand it better and learn how to get the best from its possibilities, and discovered that the connections between the GT and the amplifier are crucial in order to obtain the maximum results.

The wide set of diversified clean, overdriven and distorted tones that it can produce depends on them, and you cannot appreciate them with the scheme illustrated in figure 3.

The reason is simple: If you want to obtain the best results the right connection scheme to be used is the one illustrated in figure Make a simple test: Then if you are using the connection scheme illustrated in figure 3 for the Select parameter you should choose one of the followings:. How to Memorize Guitar Pickups Selection. That is the Question. Admiring the persistence you put into your site and in depth information you provide.

Let's talk about music

Since the GT has amp and speaker simulation built in, a full-range powered speaker full-range to reproduce all frequencies in neutral fashion, powered to avoid having to have a separate power amp is what you need. In its rawest form, a powered speaker simply has a power amplifier and the speaker s. Most, though, will give you a small mixer section with tone controls as well, which lets you connect a wider variety of signal sources from microphones to line level mixers. As for amps and bypassing my preamp, that can have its pros and cons. The amp using tubes is not an issue.

You bypass the preamp by plugging the GT into the effects loop return jack.

BOSS GT-10 Guitar Effects Pedal: How To Make the Connections to Obtain the Best

If the amp has one, that is - not every guitar or bass amp has an effects loop. The feedback problem is hard to diagnose from a distance - it could be a problem with the amp, or it could even be the guitar. If the feedback continues even with the guitar volume turned down, it's a problem with the amp. If it changes as you move around gets worse the closer to the speaker you get , and stops when you turn the guitar volume down, it's probably the guitar pickups.

It depends on why there was feedback in the first place. If it's the guitar, it'll still be there.

It might change, due to the powered speaker accentuating different frequencies etc. But if the problem is in the guitar, that's where it needs to be fixed. Just jam it up your ass. I didn't come here to save whales, I came here to get laid and make rock 'n' roll. As well as the volume. I am hesitant on saying it is my guitar because I have plugged it into a friends amp and had no issues running the same distance and volume on amp.

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It was worse before, but I switched a wire no clue how it was switched in the first place and it helped a lot. The EMG's I have on that one are passive. I don't know which set of pickups I want to take out. I've had the feedback issue with both guitars so once again, IF it is my guitar, would changing to active pickups make it better or worse? Would the wattage on the speaker s have any effect on my sound?

Boss GT-10 Running Direct - How to Get the Best Tones

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