Aquarius man dating a pisces woman

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He may be afraid to commit initially but, once he has chosen a woman, he will protect his love and be faithful to her until the end. He is extremely dependable. Once an Aquarius man has set his mind to something, he will follow through with his promises. The Pisces woman is very sensitive and instinctual. She views the world with a bit of innocence — always seeing the best in everything. Pisces women are highly empathetic, often being affected deeply by the feelings and moods of those around her.

Like a chameleon, the Pisces woman is highly adaptable. She longs for a confident partner that she can believe in and be inspired by.

Traits of an Aquarius Man

She wants a deep merger with her romantic partner that makes her feel secure. However, she also needs a man who can understand her independent nature and need for solitude. A Deep, Spiritual Bond. From the moment an Aquarius man and Pisces woman first meet, they feel like kindred spirits with one another.

They are very compatible, sharing many core ideals and world views. Both of them are optimistic activists — they see the best in everybody and want to make their own contributions towards making the world a better place.

Aquarius man and Pisces woman

They are open minded to all walks of life and are highly concerned with the welfare of others. Because they tend to feel misunderstood by others, sharing these ideals with one another creates a deep bond between the Aquarius man and Pisces woman. Get a love and relationship reading on Keen for additional insights about compatibility between Aquarius men and Pisces women! The Pisces woman and Aquarius man may struggle with intimacy, but these differences can be worked through over time. The Aquarius man is often accused of being aloof — and this definitely carries over to sex as well.

Because he is so shy and slow to open up, it can appear as though he has no emotions. This can become a source of conflict, as the Pisces woman is seeking an emotional connection. In order to correct the conflict, the Pisces woman must become his muse, helping him break free of his own head and thoughts. Her genuine interest in listening will be a great asset towards improving his self-confidence.

Unlike other men in the astrological pond, the Aquarius man is one who enjoys his freedom to be. In any relationship, if the Aquarius man feels captured, he will find his way to his freedom and may resent you for trying to keep him captive.

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  6. An Aquarius man is a man who enjoys traveling the less than usual destinations in life. If you choose to be in a relationship with an Aquarius man, jealousy is not an option. The Aquarius man is a popular man who enjoys being in the know and goes out of his way to understand his environment and the people around him. Be it at a family function, hanging out with friends, or a work-related event; the Aquarius man will be the life of the party. For example, famous Aquarius men include Bob Marley and John Travolta; and these men are known for their charm and authenticity.

    Amethyst, Hematite, Amber, Garnet, Sugilite. Aquarius Man Positive Traits.

    Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman

    Aquarius man makes friends easy and fast. With a heart of gold, the Aquarius man always understands what the world needs. Their greatest strength is their mind.

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    Independence runs in their veins. Aquarius Man Negative Traits. This can become a problem for the Pisces woman as she likes stability and peace. Once the Aquarius man is over it, it is done with. It may become a task to get an Aquarius man to change his mind. Distance is necessary for the Aquarius man, but sometimes can push them too far away.

    There are no middle grounds with this man.

    If your dream woman is one who holds the powers of hypnotism, then the Pisces woman is your ideal mate. The Pisces woman is a woman of romance, intelligence, and spirituality. The Pisces woman is passionate, sometimes a dreamer, but always caring and gentle in her relationships. The Pisces woman lives by her intuition and always finds a deeper meaning behind all of her life experiences.

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    With people, the Pisces woman is observant and makes deep connections with people she loves and trusts. Famous Pisces women include Rihanna and Elizabeth Taylor. With a Pisces woman, you are always in for a surprise for she is mysterious, artistic, whimsical, and yet always enchanting. Pisces Woman Positive Traits. This can bring on their creativity and ability to think outside the box. This makes them great companions and mothers. Makes connecting with her Aquarius man easy.

    Aquarius Man - Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

    Always ready to land a helping hand. Pisces Woman Negative Traits. Always be kind with words when dealing with a Pisces woman. Sometimes seeing the Brightside can be difficult for a Pisces woman. Sometimes rest can become a lifestyle for the Pisces woman. Friendship is that one relationship status that is mostly overlooked due to the level of acceptance that each party has for one another's flaws.

    Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

    As with all friends, no two people support and ridicule one another as much as the Aquarius man and Pisces woman. In friendships, the Aquarius man being a dreamer and freedom-fighter makes it hard to find the middle ground in communicating with a semi-down-to-earth Pisces woman. In friendships between an Aquarius man and Pisces woman, trust is fair game. While friendship allows for a bit of discrepancy when trust is involved, the Aquarius man's need for independence frustrates the Pisces woman who always aims at building warm, comforting relationships with others. However, all hope isn't lost, as the Aquarius man has his soft side that he only shows to those he truly love and trust.

    The Pisces woman should not have an issue with bringing forth the Aquarius man's soft side as long as she remains true to her nature and doesn't push any issues beyond the limitations of her Aquarius man friend.

    Pisces Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility

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