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How do you know when you've found the "right" person? Two young adults, challenged to tell each other about the love of their lives, offer unexpected responses-and revelations. Purity is an important issue in today's society. We gloss over it like it's no big deal. If we truly understood what it means to be impure, we just might give it a second thought. A single girl shares her humiliating experience with her friend and thinks she figures out why she's still single. Two teenagers face the consequences of their decisions as the wait for an answer that will completely change their lives.

A talk show host has a popular guest with a big announcement- Cupid is retiring.

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But when "Cupid" gets a chance to explain, the truth about romantic love comes out. The man watches her. The woman brings the fan down to her neck. She pushes her hair back. The man sips some water from his glass.

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She unbuttons the first button of her blouse and fans her upper chest. The man again searches for a waiter. The woman turns the fan off and puts it back in her pocketbook.

His rhythmic drumming gets louder and more urgent. The woman looks around with mild concern. The drumming becomes fierce and unrestrained. She takes the roses out of the vase and carefully places them on the table. She grabs the vase and throws the water at the man. He wipes his forehead with his napkin.

The man absentmindedly starts drumming on the table. The woman shoots him a look. He stops MAN Sorry. The woman tugs at the front of her shirt and rustles it back and forth to cool off. He is blind and legally deaf. He enters wearing dark glasses and carrying a white cane.


MAN grim So… where are you from originally? MAN The gaping pit of hell. MAN I was close. The man smiles at his wit.

5m Comedy Skits - Boy Gets a Date

He replaces the flowers, carefully arranging and rearranging them WOMAN Is this supposed to demonstrate your sensitivity? MAN Is that so? MAN shrugs I had some juicy clams last night. MAN Maybe we should both just leave. The woman gathers her purse. We hear the sound of a tapping cane as the waiter approaches. The woman stops her motions. The waiter stands MAN pause Can we help you? The waiter begins pounding on the floor with his cane. MAN What is your problem? The woman unzips her purse and removes a toothbrush. MAN crossing his legs So what do you do exactly? I work with slow children. The woman puts her toothbrush back in her purse MAN Sounds very rewarding.

MAN Does music help? They share a chuckle And yes, I did register the fact that you know who Vaughan Williams is, and I am duly impressed.

Boy Gets a Date

The man retreats and sits. He stares into space, then up at the ceiling. The woman, unsettled, picks up the vase. But before she can throw more water at the man, He grabs her and kisses her passionately. MAN smiles I figured.

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The man sniffs his veal. The woman takes a big sip from her water glass and swishes it around her mouth MAN pointing to her mouth full of water Good for digestion? The woman points to her mouth. The man hands her the empty vase, but she waves it off MAN Swallow it. The woman shakes her head. She opens her purse and considers using it MAN Swallow it.

The man stops eating. The man eyes the veal with dismay MAN Maybe we should just skip the meal and go right to the dessert. Yes when I was small I used to sleep with my mom. Actually with my dad too.

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But he is not a woman. So yes with one woman and one man. Wait, if you count my sister then 2 women and one man. Then sometimes my cousins used to come for sleep over. Leave it , two women, my mom and sister, is the total. Then once when my father was not there my mom called another woman and she called me in to sleep and I said no.

It was cold and she was naked, I felt it quite strange. So yes 2 women.. Yes I am into a lot of relationships. My sister, mother , father , friends and the whole world. I never asked them , I don't have their contact details. Can you provide me that?


Sex education , we had it in school. I know all about it. It's good to know. Yes I used to have a female puppy and I used to call her Girlfriend. One day she broke the leash and just ran away. My heart broke that day.