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Moo-jin 16 episodes, Yoon-woo Jo Young-dal 16 episodes, Cheon-hee Lee Cha Seung-pyo 16 episodes, Jong-Hyuk Lee Seo Byung-hoon 16 episodes, Sooyoung Gong Min-young 16 episodes, Yeon-joo Ha Hye-ri 14 episodes, Jeong-hwa Kim Edit Details Official Sites: Official site [South Korea].

Edit Did You Know? Add the first question. Audible Download Audio Books. Min-shik 16 episodes, Moo-jin 16 episodes, Young-dal 16 episodes, Cha Seung-pyo 16 episodes, Seo Byung-hoon 16 episodes, Gong Min-young 16 episodes, Hye-ri 14 episodes, I agree with you. In the case of Cyrano, I guess that I've yet to feel emotionally invested, so that's why so far it's ranking "last" on my list. For some reason, I didn't really enjoy this episode as much as the others. Though I kind of had that experience with episode 5 which also was kind of a "closing" episode. Maybe I'm not enjoying the quick wrapping up of the cases in that they feel a little too rushed so that I can't connect with the characters.

This episode was ok in my book. After being invested more in the Kwang-soo case in episode 7, for some reason, it dulled for me. Anyways, I definitely look forward to the first female client though I wonder if MY will handle this more since BY seems to be spooked by his "bad luck" aura and the return of Gong Yoo to small screen since Coffee Prince for me, I avoided the whole Big mess. Some of the few times where I actually appreciate our heroine and for the hopeless romantic she is.

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She really does give a good balance to some of our characters. Our cynical target Mi Jin and for the grumpy byung-hoon. I am loving this drama! It is just what I need! As mentioned in other recaps, I love the cameos and movie,drama,pop-culture references. I actually thought of Big when Byung-hoon had his drowning dream. I was wondering if getting Gong Yoo on the next episode was part of this timing? Also, I had to stop and watch several times the montage of the cast sleeping. I loved Min-young sleeping with the mask on with his hands crossed over his chest, like a you-know-what I just thought it was the cutest thing ever.

I am not sold on the romance as much but I like the "they start out as bickering friends, sort of fall in love etc. I will definitely keep watching this one. Thank you so much for the recaps! I learn so much like the name of Chef Shameless!

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I was kind of feeling some strong stirrings of foreboding when MY said the thing about the bells. When Master finally asks to be a client I know BH will use the bell thing to seal the deal. It will probably be the final nail in his coffin of misery. Only, will she fall for it? She seems like a smart girl. I think she can clock bull better than most and she is somewhat of a savant when it comes to Cyrano style matchmaking.

I'm happy to see the Chef case over and I'm eagerly waiting for the next one: More interesting to me.

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The pseudo love triangle between the leads is pretty bogged down half mark, dear drama! At that rate, robot Boy will be in couple before them Still, thanks for the recaps! That cliffhanger was pretty epic, gotta admit. It was such a huge plot twist that we all didn't expect. Not that it was out of the equation, but it was beyond our expectations. Props to the writers. I personally think its a good end to the episode. It gives Byunghoon a wake up call and the opportunity to sort out his feelings between Yiseol and Minyoung. Sooyoung is really great in this drama.

She brings a lot of depth to a character that could potentially be hollow if not portrayed in the right way. This drama is like a major drama with little dramas. Dramaception to be exact. I like the acidic chemistry going down.

Dating Agency: Cyrano

Cracked me upppppp ;D. My favorite thing about this case is how the team never created a fake persona for Dal In.

Yes, the Thumb Brothers hoopla was staged, but I'm willing to bet Dal In would have come to his staff's defense had the situation been real and Mi Jin not been present. Dal In, the lovable dork that he is, stayed true to himself till the very end complete with cream , so I have faith their relationship will last because Mi Jin fell for the real Dal In.

I was wary about our mysterious vet and librarian working out once the jig was up, and I still believe Se Kyung likes Ah Rang more than Ho Yeol. I was dying for the reveal when Chef Shameless made his appearance. It's a shame they didn't out him on live TV. The commercial they cut to was Dating Agency: I also couldn't stop staring at Byung Hoon's see-through white pants.

They're my favorite couple and they seem like they'll last for a long time. But Minyoung's advices played a big part in the mission. Mijin wouldn't have opened her eyes and heart if she didn't tell her to. Darin was a real sweetheart though, and he stayed that way until the very end. I'm glad Byunghoon er, the script writers didn't make him go too far. And Kwangsoo did a really great job, he should be our leading man soon! Min Young is such a lively lady but not so naive which makes her appealing.

As for Byung Hoon, Min Young is an hopeless romantic. With the bickering, the close proximity and chemistry, she had to feel excited at least and feels something for him because despite his age, he has the charisma, that sexiness that you can't help but feel attracted to. And instead of loving at first sight, they developped that romance and started by acknowledging the other with friendship so it feels really natural instead: I squealed like a crazy when they were on the couch. Ok, people find it weird with the age difference and blablbla but both of them are adults and they feel the chemistry too so why not.

It is not like they are going to film some bed scenes or whatever: The chefs were cute together and I think they were forced to be with each other but the Agency helped to see that not all men are like the Chef Shameless like MY said, if she refuses to see that, she could lost a great man and it will be a shame. Maybe he won't be his soulmate but at least, she learned to trush men again and in the long term, it is a big victory.

The customer is almost as creepy as Master because you do not get any information about him. Why did his phone ring a few seconds after the waitress' It is so weird, y'know and that creepy smile when everyone turned to face him. GOSH, I'm dying to know: That's why he feels so guilty over his death and try to do everything he can to save the theatre. But why Yi Seol was at the hospital then?

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And why BH doesn't want to drive anymore? Car accident in the water maybe? Excited for next week episode as always but I really want to see more Min Young and Byung Hoon's moments because we are at midway to the end. I don't care if she is girlgroup member and he is a married man with two children. At the end of the day, it is just a drama so no need to brainwash ourselves with it: She really looks super pretty and really creepy at the same time.

Can't wait for the next case.

I still remember him washing the radish with soap during F. That was Jung Yumi??? Couldn't recognise her with the freaky hairstyle. Looks like it's gonna be hilarious next week with the 20days of bad luck that he is going through. How come no one else thinks the name Master is funny? Retrieved June 20, Cyrano Cast Talks of Manipulating Romance".

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